If you’re considering going to college to study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, one of the main factors that you’ll need to take into consideration before making a decision is the amount of earning potential that you can expect once you graduate. If you are hoping for a lifelong career that is very lucrative and gives you plenty of opportunities for earning and saving more money and advancing through the ranks, it’s important that you choose a major or master’s degree that will enable this to happen for you. We’ve picked some of the best degree topics to choose from if you want to earn as much money as possible.


If you’re quite mathematical, good at dealing with your own personal finances and enjoy solving problems, you might want to consider taking a finance degree. Finance majors are available at undergraduate level, or you might want to go on to conduct further study in finance later and earn your finance degree online with the various online master’s degrees available from a range of colleges across the U.S. A degree or masters in finance can lead to a whole range of lucrative opportunities, from careers in banking and investment to even starting up your own financial services business.


If you are about to enroll on a master’s program and aren’t sure which topic is going to render you the most benefits, a master’s of business administration, or MBA, can be the perfect choice if you are hoping for a lucrative business career. Whether you’d like to work in marketing, management, or even become an entrepreneur and set up your own successful company, an MBA will cover all of the main pillars of business and provide you with a well-rounded knowledge and skill set to succeed. Along with this, the MBA is one of the most respected qualifications in business today, with average salaries on the rise.


If you enjoy math and are quite technically minded, you might want to consider a degree in engineering. There are many different fields of engineering that you may want to go into, for example electrical engineering, civil engineering and more. Engineering jobs at the entry level tend to be quite highly paid, with further opportunities for higher earnings as your career progresses. And, with so many different fields to work in, you can be sure that you’ll never be out of a job.


Today, the IT field is huger than ever, and with the risk of cybercrime and hacking at an all-time high, there has never been a higher demand for IT professionals who can prevent these digital catastrophes. Today, with it being increasingly important for companies to be online and have a digital presence, IT professionals can expect many opportunities, job security, and earning potential.

If you’re filling out your college application, it’s good to know which degrees are the best choices when it comes to maximum earning potential. These programs will all help you to achieve a great career with awesome earnings!

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