There are some pieces of equipment that no office can do without. Things like desks, laptops, and office chairs are crucial. I’m sure you will already have these! But there are some materials and equipment that not every office manager will think of getting for their workspace. But they are also super key in running an efficient office that not everyone will realise they need. So which things can make a big difference to your day to day office life? Here are five items every office should own.

Important Office Equipment

Greeting Materials

Have you ever turned up to an office for a meeting and had to sit in their reception area? You’ll know that those few minutes can feel like a drag! To improve the waiting time for your visitors, leave some greeting materials in the reception area. Things like magazines and newspapers will go down well. But also consider leaving promotional material about your own company. How about an Alpha Card detailing all your achievements?


Water Cooler

Giving your employees free snacks and drinks can really motivate your employees. But don’t just leave them in the kitchen. If your staff are really busy, they might not have the time to leave their desks. Water coolers are very mobile and can be placed wherever you like in the office. So put them close to where your employees work. They aren’t just great for refreshments; employees love to gather at them for a quick catch up!


Projectors are great for those times you need a large group of people to see something. You can simply project an image onto your wall! And they are small and lightweight, so you can take yours to any meeting. Next time you have an entire company meeting, stop faffing on plugging in your laptop or USB for a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, simply project cards and notes on a projector. It makes meetings so much simpler!


Stress Relievers

Each and every one of your employees will feel stressed at work at some point. Perhaps they’ve had a busy day, or they are pushing to finish a certain project. Whatever the reason, we can all do with some stress relief every now and then! The best way to help them out is to buy some cool stress balls. These squishy balls are designed to be massaged as a way to relieve tension and stress.

Cutlery and Crockery

Many of your staff will bring in their own lunches to enjoy at work. Instead of making them eat out of Tupperware, buy some useful crockery and cutlery. There are some other convenient appliances that your employees will appreciate in the kitchen. A microwave lets them warm up their lunch. And a dishwasher means they don’t need to waste time washing the dishes. Just make sure everyone takes it in turn to load and empty the dishwasher!

So next time you are thinking of new office equipment, make sure these items are high on your shopping list! Your staff will thank you!

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