Your store has a limited amount of space—in some cases, all too little for the products you want to display. You don’t want to overwhelm customers with a disorganized look that makes it difficult to see what you’re highlighting at any given moment, so you’ll have to take advantage of what space you have to arrange your displays correctly.

While you can’t change the square footage of your store without some major renovations, using the right store fixtures can have a serious impact on the way customers perceive the amount of space in your store, how much display room you have, and how organized you look.


How to Add Space to a Store by Using the Right Store Fixtures


Choose Furnishings with Care

In many cases, you may be tempted to maximize every inch of display space: bookcases that stretch to the ceiling, shelves that go from one wall to the other, and displays that come down from the roof, for example. That habit, unfortunately, can make a small space feel cramped and even smaller than before. Instead, choose your furnishings with care. Smaller furnishings simply fit best in small spaces. If you’re going to offer seating space for your customers, consider chairs instead of benches or sofas.


Go Vertical

Instead of arranging your display on a horizontal plane, try going upward with your display instead. You can get a lot of use out of vertical space if it’s done correctly! Drapes and banners mounted from floor to ceiling can help catch the eye and make customers believe that your store is a larger space than it really is. Gridwalls, for example, are a great floor-to-ceiling display that still allows plenty of space, creating the illusion of depth in the display while remaining on a single vertical plane.


Explore Creatively

Try doing something unique in your store that reflects your brand while still allowing you to save space. For example, if you’re displaying interesting jewelry, using an old painting as part of the display allows you to have a decorative display that will be sure to catch the eye. Adding a display rack to the top of your existing display combines items and offers you the ability to increase impulse sales while saving space since you don’t have to come up with a unique display for that item. Take care, however, not to let your creativity overpower your common sense: if the display is starting to look cluttered, take a step back and try something different.


Use Great Lighting

You aren’t stuck with just the overhead lighting that comes with the store. Instead, use a combination of lighting effects to create the best highlights for the items you most want to show off in your store while creating the illusion of space. Use track lights, lamps, sconces, or picture lights to create bright areas and increase the sense of depth throughout the store. Dim lighting might be ideal for creating coziness throughout the store, but it also closes down the space and makes it feel smaller than it might otherwise.


When you have a limited amount of space within your store, it’s necessary to use every inch to full advantage. Don’t fall into the trap of overcrowding your store, making it seem smaller than it already is! Instead, use some of these great ideas to create the illusion of size and space inside your cozy location.

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