Business Ideas – India as an economy is rapidly expanding with great business ideas with low investment to explore. If you are a woman (or even a man) and searching for some really good business ideas to make some money, here’s a list of 4 business ideas that you consider. I know it is a way small number of options to consider when it is about selecting one from several business ideas to earn money online or offline, but it may really help.


Business Ideas – A list article


Life is beautiful and all you women out there who have a strong desire to work and earn to fulfill your passion but yet are trapped in family expectations of just being a housewife, here’s a shoutout from me to you all: WAKE UP HONEY!

This is your life and you need not give it’s control to anyone.

I understand the Indian culture and how most women are bound to take consent of their partners for every little thing but here’s a little solution that might work: if you really want to be out there and do something to fulfill your passion or just to earn money, you need to sit down for a cup of coffee with your partner and explain your feelings to him.


If you have some business ideas as options to explore or just even a small business idea, share it with him. Explain him how some little extra money from the business ideas you have can help you both spend a little extra to live a comfortable life or for that matter just save for future. There are chances that it might just work.



Beauty industry in India in one of the industries that has  yet not saturated and is growing at an extremely fast pace.

Both men and women are getting conscious of their looks and are willing to spend an extra buck on grooming. Be it hair treatments, whitening facials, spa treatments, etc, there are leads and conversions in the market. I have personally seen people growing like crazy in this industry with just small start ups.

I deal in an Anti Aging product called ZOOTOX (can be found at So I know about this industry and honestly speaking, all of these 8-10 people I know who own their salons started with an extremely low budget beauty salons and today within 4-5 years have expanded to a chain of their salons and clinics. I don’t know even a single person who failed.


If you do your research and actually consider out of various business ideas to earn money by starting a Beauty Clinic, here’s an expert advice : People are now more bound to visit a Beauty Clinic for a Facial or a treatment as compared to a Beauty Salon as Clinic sounds more professional and gives confidence to the customer of an actual expert advice and treatment from trained professionals. Nobody wants to play with their skin or hair eventually.


A Beauty Business Idea you can explore with STUDIO AESTHETICS – Skin Laser and Anti Aging Clinic


Studio Aesthetics is a Beauty Clinic that includes many beauty and Anti-Aging treatments like laser hair removal, jaw line shaping, whitening, stem cell treatment, under arm whitening, anti aging therapy and lots more.

STUDIO AESTHETICS is an initiative by world famous Cosmetologist Mohit Narang who has been skin care ambassador to Avon and runs a joint venture with a few German Companies including Klapp, Phytomo (USA) ( and more. The first few Clinics are under construction and will be launched soon this year of 2015.

To get in touch with the concerned person to discuss how to open up your own franchise of STUDIO AESTHETICS, you may call at their Gurgaon/Manesar, India Corporate Office at 0124-4285657 and get in touch with Ms. Navneet. 



Indian women are good at recipes. The world knows this and Indian cuisine is famous all over. If you feel you are good at one or many recipes that may include stuff like pickles, cakes, cookies, bakery eatables, etc., what’s stopping you? This can be one of the lucrative small business ideas for women who are truly good at cooking.

You can either spread the word about your new recipe and how you intend to sell it or promote it online and accept online orders. 

So as to understand this business idea,  you need to first identify the recipe you are really good at, start your trials, invite your friends or family for food tasting and take their feedback and implement it. Once you are confident about your business plan and recipe, give it a name. And then you need a website or a facebook page to promote it. Facebook page is cheap and pretty easy. As far as a website is concerned, I highly recommend that each business must have digital presence via professional website.


Here’s the contact of an extremely good website freelancer who can develop your website (e-commerce as well) at a price from Rs. 25k-35k: Narender Rana. CLICK HERE to view his website or call him at +91-9891292049. He is based in New Delhi, India and you need not meet him personally. So if you are outside New Delhi, no worries. He actively communicates via Skype Calls or just the phone or emails.



Blogs are huge these days and can get you unlimited income. This can be one of the best business ideas for women who want to work and earn from home. One can earn in lacs by simply blogging. All you need is a right strategy, great content and gradually traffic starts to build up. When search engines like Google identify that your content is pretty good, it starts to give you ranking on its search pages and thus the traffic increases. Once you have good traffic to your blog, you can sign up for Google Adsense; an easy way to earn money by simply placing ads offered by Google on your website. Each time your site visitor clicks on that ad, you get paid.

Another way to build an income from a blog is to feature or promote new or existing products on your blog. Once your blog gets good traffic and people identify your blog name, brands may walk up to you themselves and ask you to review their products. If you agree to do so, you can charge them or offer them various plans in return to their product promotion on your website/blog.


You need to pick up a niche; If you are simply writing about anything and everything, you’ll end up making no money. You need to target your audience and pick up something extremely exclusive to talk about and provide actual and technical answers to your audience in order to solve their problems/queries.

The best way is to identify what you are good at and target your blog on the same. Earning money from blogging can take a while but once it gets constant traffic, sky is the limit to your success.

As an example, what you are reading right now is 4 BUSINESS IDEAS FOR WOMEN TO EARN WITH LITTLE INVESTMENT. When you read this article, you must have observed that I am straight away giving you 4 business ideas for women that can work well to earn an extra buck. In addition to the business ideas, I am also recommending one company to associate with or one specific contact or lead with whom you can get connected on their cell phones to discuss the business idea which is extremely helpful.

So what I am trying to say is be specific and give a step-by-step guide as a solution to your customers. It is value addition and the readers will actually be grateful to you for this valuable information.

Again for the blog, you may contact NARENDER RANA, website freelancer who can develop your blog at a nominal price.CLICK HERE to view his website or call him at +91-9891292049. Managing a blog is pretty simple. Once your web developer configures it as per your design, you can manage it yourself and write blogs and post them directly by just one panel. Easy stuff!



If you have limited resources and looking for business ideas that can make you earn with some easy efforts, you can simply join any multi level marketing company like Avon. You can buy their products at discounted rates and promote and sell them to your social circle (friends and family).

As per my research specifically for this article, you can easily become a member with Avon with a minimum spend of Rs. 1500 by buying their products. When you make a sale, you will end up making minimum 15% on each sale. The margin can go up to 35-40% depending on your buying and sales.


To know more about it or just to straight away sign up and join Avon, you can simply CLICK HERE. If you are in South India, you can get in touch with Ms. Nilufer by calling at +91-99455 28554. She shall explain you the deal better and get your membership signed up.



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So these were just four Business Ideas one can explore. Keep watching the space to learn about more Business Ideas.

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