Concept Credit: Mehek Khanna

Author: Amaan

Baby stop working your ASS off! Cut short the trip to the gym if you are giving a hard time to those big butts. Let them stay, because little did you know; BIG BUTTS BIG ASS-ETS – Its Okay to have If’s and Big Butts, he loves it

                            BIG-BUTTS-7                                   I-love-big-butts

It is that one thing guys love in women. Of course, I am not saying that let the mountain stay there (if you’re obnoxiously huge) and if you’re normal big, you’re game for a sensual sexual pleasure.


I wonder how women get to know what men like and dislike. If you are in a relationship, you could easily ask the guy when you get to that comfort zone with him but when you are not in a relationship, how do you figure it out? Who would tell you if your big butts are just perfect? Surely, your best friend who is conscious of her own butts wouldn’t know this but now you know it is a major turn on to every damn guy.


It is YOUR THING, YOUR ASS-ET; just use it to en-cash a perfect climax in bed and an extra benefit, a guy or many guys, running behind you and your butts. No guy is looking to beat the bush with no mush. Your CUSHIONS definitely comfort him (adds extra bounce), makes him enjoy a comfortable ride to paradise plus they want it, real bad. And if your butts are close to that of a skeleton, he may send you all the medical bills for all the injuries you may have caused him during that “Not So Butt-y” affair. Either maintain them big, or it is time to increase that extra calorie intake.


Probably I have enough enlightened your conscious thoughts and of course your Big Butts to lay off the drama. So just, enjoy what you have and flaunt what others couldn’t have.

May your big butts live up to that every moment and last but not the least, a man’s fantasy.

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Concept Credit: Mehek Khanna

Author: Amaan

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